Zit Popping

The worst thing you can do is squeeze those pimples. Squeezing does a lot of things, and none of them are good. When you squeeze that pimple you damage the surrounding skin and cells which can result in scarring.

As you travel along your face with only your zit popping mission in your head, you are spreading the bacteria to other parts of your face. So as you pop that zit on the end of your nose, and your fingers travel to your forehead, you can expect to find a new zit there within days.

There are many treatments available that are much more effective that squeezing. There are facial cleansers that work like a preventative, cleaning clogged pores so that the pimples

There are creams and ointments for spot treatment. These creams usually have anti bacterial medicines and drying agents in them. So you place a dab directly on the pimple and it goes to work.

If your pimples are red and embarrassing, there are some simple tricks to conceal them. A slice of potato will reduce redness, so will a drop of visine for red eye. You can also purchase a concealer that is designed to cover up the zit. Then put your foundation on as normal.

If none of the over the counter remedies seem to work, it’s time to seek the help of your doctor. There are plenty of prescription creams, oral pills, and high tech treatments that can rid you of acne without leaving life long scars.

So the next time you get the urge to squeeze that zit, think about those pictures you just saw.

Put your hands in your pocket and back away from the mirror NOW! Find a treatment that works and stick with it, and you’ll never feel the urge to squeeze again.

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